The Reverse Wash Method for Fine Hair

 Puretanica Cool Bliss Conditioner and Shampoo Reverse Wash Fine Thin Hair

The Simple Switch for Washing Fine Hair:


If you have fine, limp or oily hair you may be one step closer to soft, bouncy, shiny, smooth, less frizzy hair with a simple hair washing trick, by using a deeply moisturizing conditioner first and a hydrating shampoo second!

For many with fine hair, you’ve probably found conditioners in general weigh down your tresses, especially deeply moisturizing ones. You may end up skipping using conditioners completely, but that will lead to having stiff or dry hair. This can be especially noticeable if you need to wash often from being active or tend to have oily hair.

You could use a moisturizing shampoo, which will help a lot! Beyond using a shampoo with lots of moisturizing and gentle cleansing agents, adding the reverse wash method will get that extra needed moisture without weighing down your hair!

The reverse wash method may not be for everyone, as everyone’s hair is different, but if you’re having to wash your hair more often and find it being oily or weighed down when using a deeply moisturizing conditioner, try switching things up!




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