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"Absolutely love this set. My hair has never been so healthy. I’ve only used the shampoo and conditioner for a month and already notice a great difference. I have color treated hair and it keeps the color vibrant and my hair feeling softer and healthier. Also, I love that it does all this without the chemicals."


"This formula is minty and makes your scalp feel so clean and refreshed!!! I love the thick luxe conditioner, a little goes a long way!!! I was left with clean, bouncy, hydrated hair with volume!!! The only thing I would note is the shampoo is thin in formula but it had zero effect on it’s fabulous effects!!! I can’t get over how great it smells!!!"


"The smell for both is nice not over powering. The shampoo is more liquid and a lot goes a long way. The conditioner is more smooth and not as runny as the shampoo. It has a cool bliss sensation when you wash your hair which I am not used to, but it makes you feel amazing (more so on my scalp) at least that is my experience towards the product. It makes my hair feel fuller and my natural curly hair feel more light weight then most brands. I just love the feeling of the cool bliss."


"My favorite benefit from this set is the tingling effects of the natural mint oil on my scalp helping to fight dryness itching, while I don’t have scalp problems it’s always good to care for it because neglecting it can lead to scalp issues. Using these was like a spa experience the tingling the intoxicating mint scent the beautiful volume and how moisturized my usually very dry hair felt."


"For the past two weeks, I have used Puretanica Cool Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner Set and I have seen a visible improvement in the shine and manageability of my hair. Since I’ve been in Hawaii, I worried about what the humidity would do to my hair, but the Cool Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner Set alleviated all my worries. My hair has gotten shinier and softer with every wash and it’s so gentle and effective that I’ve been able to shampoo My hair daily."


"Perfect pair, leaves hair manageable & soft with beautiful shine & less noticeable split ends. Shampoo gives a great sudsy lather with energizing, cooling effect. Even with very oily hair & a ton of dry shampoo, this Cool Bliss knocked out the debris in one application. I’ve found my holy grail hair products for cleansing & conditioning! Typically even with my wet brush my hair still has tangles but using this my hair has been 100% tangle free!!.."


"I love the constant shine and volume this shampoo produces. Smells wonderful and stimulates follicles for strength and thickness. Cool Bliss Conditioner that I can feel deeply moisturize my dry damaged hair. I appreciate the soft texture and volume this conditioner enhances in my hair after use."


"With an invigorating essential oil aromatherapy spa experience, as essential oils stimulate the scalp and scent of mint relaxes the senses. You will want to use it every day! The moisture-rich formula restores thin, dry and damaged hair, while adding moisture and thickness, leaving hair soft, nourished and manageable. I loved it."


"April showers may bring May flowers, but in my case they bring frizzy hair. But my locks are so in LOVE with Puretanica. Sulfates wreak havoc on my hair, but you won’t find them here; plus, essential oils and proteins hydrate and smooth so that frizz has no chance."


"It has an amazing minty scent that is both refreshing and invigorating. I love that it leave my hair clean, manageable, and full of body."


"So now each time I wash, I feel fresh out of the shower perfect for these cold days ahead of me. Now you know my secret for healthy hair."


"It's like my shower turns into a mini spa treatment every time I wash; it's INCREDIBLE. And although it's not quite as sexy to talk about, my scalp is in amazing shape from the pair too (which was somehow dry AND oily previously, euww.)"


"I demand a lot from my hair care products and tools so I when I discover something that not only delivers but WOWS me, I want to share it with you ASAP. I was recently sent Puretanica Cool Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner and when my hair was shinier than ever, full of volume and totally manageable..."

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"I've been using this cool bliss duo COOLBLISS SHAMPOO AND COOLBLISS CONDITIONER by Puretanica for the past two months and I must say I'm impressed because at that time I'm suffering from an extreme hairfall and dealing with tiring and stressful days so with no doubt this duo can change the whole game it gives life to my hair again. It adds an amazing volume. It makes my scalp clean and clear from dirt and impurities and helps me to calm my problomatic hair."

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"Puretanica Cool Bliss Duo, has all the good things to rave about, It is a big claim to make but I havent got the volume in my hair like this product gives, with any other hair product ever."

Twenties Bliss

"I swear, summer would have been perfect if I had this shampoo and conditioner. Not only does your head feel nice and cool after using these but every time I brush my hair my hair isn’t as tangled. It has also helped me reduce flakiness in my scalp!"


"This mint essential oil based shampoo/conditioner duo is inspired by a Nordic spa treatment to not only strengthen, shine, detangle & defrizz, but relax you with the tingling feeling I am now obsessed with"


"I love the natural mint scent and the tingly cool sensation, it is so refreshing! My scalp and hair feel clean but not stripped, my hair is moisturized, soft and manageable, easy to detangle, and shinier. I mean, I am just in love with this duo!"



“This set works together to moisturize your scalp while repairing damaged hair cuticles with a calming combo of peppermint oil, aloe vera, and other natural essential oils. People looking for a spa-like shower experience will be happy with this set.”

“If you are searching for the clean beauty meaning, I think it’s synonymous with Puretanica!”

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"Just the initial washing experience alone is so different and satisfying compared to other brands. Both products contain essential oils that feels invigoratingly cool on your scalp. Think mouthwash for your hair."

Alexia Danielle Anast

"The natural scent of mint helps to relieve stress and relax the senses, as essential oils cool and moisturize the scalp to reduce dryness and itching."

Haute Dvie

"I felt so soothed just from washing my hair, but after I dried it, I officially proclaimed Puretanica a dream-come-true. These products are the most unusually nourishing haircare combo I’ve ever used."

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"I am seriously loving my hair since I started using this shampoo & conditioner combo. My hair is full and thick, so full of volume that is manageable. My hair tools work so well and my curls stay in place for days. Not only do my curls last, the shine that you see above lasts as well. I am only washing my hair every two to three days and my hair is not looking dull in between washings. I noticed a difference in how much better AND shinier my hair looked the first time I used Puretanica."

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"I am so happy with both products right now, they really make me feel more confident about my changing hair!  In my opinion, a boost of confidence is priceless.  If you are looking for good products to pump up thin hair, or you just simply want more volume, give Puretanica a try."

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"We love Puretanica Cool Bliss Mint Shampoo and Conditioner"


" has a tingling sensation to stimulates circulation to the hair and its cuticle."

Chez Rama

"The hair care that really impressed me this month was by Puretanica, who offers a refreshing shampoo and conditioner that were inspired by an ancient Nordic spa tradition in which a contrast of warm and cool sensations awakens the senses, creating a refreshing and relaxing experience"

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"My recent favorite is the Puretanica Cool Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner"

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